Do You Buy?

Yes ... if you do not want to redeem your item you can sell it to us. Any item that we pawn we will also be glad to purchase outright.

Do We Have Stolen Merchandise?

No ... less than 1% of items in a pawn shop are stolen. We work with our local city and county law enforcement agancies plus we work with the military side of the law enforcement through CID and NCIS.

Any item that is pawned or sold to us is recorded and those records are downloaded to a National database called Leads Online. This database is through out the United States and any law enforcement agency connected to Leads online can search for stolen property using a persons name, address, item description, or item serial number.

The bottom line on pawning or selling stolen merchandise in a pawn shop is “DON’T DO IT”. If the item has been reported stolen you will be caught.

Do We Pawn Guns?

Yes ... we can do pawn loans on guns or we can outright buy your gun from you. All that is required to pawn or sell your gun is a valid state ID or drivers license.

We are a registered firearms dealer with a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL), and we comply with all State and Federal laws.

Can You Give Me A Price Over The Phone?

Unfortunately no, it is impossible to quote a price over the phone for an item we can not see. A visual inspection is very important in helping us determine a price.

1657 Lejeune Blvd. Jacksonville, NC 910-353-3710